Alexander Mark
Product Designer.

Work & Experience

Assorted Freelance
UX/UI Consultant
I consult for fast growing technology companies, with a focus on the unique needs of startups. I've worked with dozens of startups from many different stages and helped them refine their products to collectively raise millions in funding.

Director of Product & UX
May-October, 2015
I ran product and design at Havenly, a rapidly growing interior design startup in Denver. I helped release a redesign of the entire app from the ground up. While I was there we scaled massively and shortly after closed their $7M+ series A.

Design Consultant
March-April, 2015
I consulted with Kickfurther for 2 months, a growing crowdfunding platform in Boulder for UI/UX. I redesigned much of their app which surpassed 2 million in pledges after the redesign.

CEO & Co-founder
March 2014 - April 2015
I was the CEO & Co-founder of a health-tech startup called Truthly. Our mission was improving access and understanding of primary source health research. We were a memberof the Boomtown Boulder fall 2014 class.

August - December 2013
I was the sole designer at Brandfolder, a Techstars company disrupting brand asset management. My designs are still in use today. Most recently, Brandfolder raised over $2M.

May - August 2013
I was a "hackstar" designer in the Techstars Boulder class of 2013. As a hackstar, I was a "mercenary" designer, helping teams with UI/UX problems and challenges. It was an incredible learning experience to work directly with so many early stage startups.

Writing & Thoughts

Moments (Short Story)
3 minute read
Love & Chance
A short fiction story about how the meanderings of chance affect the love in our life.

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The War on Attention
11 minute read
Technology, Psychology, & UX
The world is now full of content, software, and communication tools that all want our attention. Emails. Notifications. Posts. Reminders. Text messages. Alerts. Our phones and computers are full of app-tamagotchis that need to be fed and watered to keep them from withering away. “Look at me!,” they say.

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Doing it Wrong: Love in the Modern Age
10 minute read
Love & Relationships
Modern dating is built to increase distance and prevent intamacy. Through a complex interaction of technology, freedom, and increased choice, we've become a generation afraid of being in love.

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How the Tinder Algorithm Works
3 minute read
Technology & Relationships
I broke down how I think Tinder organizes matches on the backend logically, based on my obersvations. This post is the the top result on google for some searches on the Tinder algorithm, and is nearing half a million views.

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I believe in making things that matter.

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