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These projects span multiple mediums and design styles. They cover the last 6 months that I've been freelancing. To read in depth UX case studies check out other projects. Contact me below to learn more about how I can help your project.

UX, Visual Design March-May 2016
Helix is a new way of tracking time. By comparing what you plan to do with what you actually spend your time on, you can get real time feedback on how to best maximize your time.

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Harbour Desktop App
UX, Visual Design, Identity April-Ongoing 2016
Harbour (formerly Legacy) is one of the top end of life services companies in the UK. They win the majority of UK government contracts for cremation.

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Prizma Player
UX, Visual Design December-Ongoing 2016
FEM Inc is a Techstars startup operating out of the bay. After closing a $3M seed round, they hired me to help redesign their desktop player experience.

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Connected Leasing
UX, Visual Design January-March 2016
Connected Leasing has a monopoly on the UK asset finance market with their unique brokerage software. They connect funders to borrowers for large assets, such as construction equipment. (Coming Soon)

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