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Kickfurther is a crowdfunding platform that allows any person to help fund a company’s inventory. When that inventory sells the user make a return. Kickfurther solves the cash flow problem that most product companies have, where scaling is tricky because of the large upfront cost to new inventory.

Kickfurther came to me after closing their seed round, needing to redesign much of their product, starting with their marketing pages and moving to many of the business and client facing product features. We had a two month contract, and started by redesigning and modifying their business homepage, in order to develop a consistent style that maintained their current design language. I then worked on a brand new experience and design for the business on-boarding page, dashboard, and designs for the product listing page and dashboard.


A few months after the redesign, Kickfurther broke over $2M in fundraising for their companies, a stunning growth rate from when I initially started with them. The visual design, onboarding, and other product elements were successful and haven't required signifigant changes.

Kickfurther Case Study 1: Business Onboarding
3 minute read
March - April 2015
I worked on developing an onboarding system from scratch to help Kickfurther get new companies in their pipeline. The goal was to convince businesses to fundraise with kickfurther, and make it easy for them to do so.

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Kickfurther Case Study 2: Investing Flow
3 Minute Read
March - April 2015
I worked to simplify the investment process for a user who wished to back a company's inventory. I redesigned the process from beginning to end, starting with the product listings page and ending when the user submitted an investment.

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