Truthly Case Study 1: Organization
Ideation, UX, UI, Wireframes, Mockups

The Challenge - Organization

One of the biggest challenges for Truthly was organizing a large volume of scientific literature. The current solutions for scientific literature are based on a traditional search model. These include Pubmed and F1000. These sources are ineffective at sourcing relevant information for a consumer, as health is more nuanced than traditional keyword search, and relies on multiple inputs to be relevant. In addition, these sources do not allow quick or simple consumption of the data, instead they require advanced scientific literacy and take time to sift through.

With Truthly, we wanted to develop a system for organization that only showed the most relevant information and allowed the user to scan the data quickly, allowing perceptions to be formed from seeing the whole picture. I’m extremely proud of the system I developed, and I believe it’s the best of it’s kind for organizing scientific literature.